"Analog Side" Drops for John Gage and Aaron Bibelhauser July 20, 2021 WILSON PICKINS PROMOTIONS

LOUISVILLE, KY - Today marks the release of the second single to drop for folk singer-songwriter, John Gage, along with fellow Louisville resident and collaborator, Aaron Bibehauser. Bibelhauser also recorded and produced the forthcoming album. This is a fantastically fun tune that will no doubt catch the ears of multiple generations for different reasons. Those who were here pre-hi tech, in the midst of the excitement and newness of it all, as well as those who can't imagine life without a cell phone or social media. 

Aaron Bibelhauser notes that while our digital "devices" have certainly proved useful for keeping in touch over the pandemic shutdown, a little perspective and moderation is just as important. 

"If there’s one saving grace that has emerged from the challenges of surviving a global pandemic, it’s the fact that humans are incredibly resilient.  We’ve been able to connect, work together, and maintain our creativity by making use of technology.    Be it the cell phone in our pockets, working and recording remotely from our laptops, or holding zoom meetings and hangouts in lieu of social gatherings, our ability to thrive has been dependent on the use of these devices.  Rather than tout this new single “Analog Side” as an anti-technology anthem, I believe it offers a healthy dose of perspective.   Over the course of his five decade career serving this community, John Gage has consistently been a purveyor of perspective and his message is loud and clear: it’s worthwhile to unplug from our devices, on occasion, to soak up a bit of the naturally occurring world that has nurtured our existence."  -Aaron Bibelhauser 

Check out the tune here and look for it on the full album, "Circles Of Our Lives," due out later this summer. The single is available for DJ download on Airplay Direct and from popular online distributors. 

Track Credits: 
John Gage - vocal 
Aaron Bibelhauser - guitar, dobro, backing vocal 
Michael Cleveland - mandolin 
Chris Douglas - bass 
Adam Bibelhauser - backing vocal 

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Aaron Bibelhauser 
The Quilted Window, Louisville, Kentucky 
Mastering by Donnie Bott, BBD Labs 

Gage has been entertaining audiences for many years with his poetic lyrical creations and flat-picking melodies. Music and arts stages and communities throughout his home state of Kentucky and the surrounding regions always look forward to hosting John Gage for a music show, motivational speech, or even a workshop. As a well respected ambassador for arts and music education, he has also become a sought after guest for teachers and school music programs. You may also have heard John on the radio as the host of “Kentucky Homefront,” a radio show preserving Kentucky’s cultural heritage through storytelling and traditional music.