Aaron Bibelhauser

Brand new original theme music to celebrate a very special and very LIVE Season #61 of Kentucky Shakespeare in beautiful Central Park! 

"After a year and a half of varying levels of isolation from our work, loved ones, and creative outlets, it’s become strikingly obvious that art creators, and the audiences who consume them, are vital parts of our communities.   My new single, “Gather Round” was inspired by this vitality, specifically surrounding my dear friends at the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival.   Not unlike the towering trees and cobblestone alleys surrounding Louisville’s Central Park, the magic of live music, theater, and celebration are timeless testaments to our human experience.  “Gather Round” is my attempt to express a bit of gratitude for the art, culture, and experiences that makes us who we are."

NEW FROM kentucky singer-songwriter... aaron bibelhauser


Among the differences we have with one another as human beings on this planet, there's one thing we can surely agree on.  These are challenging times for everyone, and especially for creative minded folks who's livelihoods depend on social gatherings, concerts, festivals, performing arts centers, auditoriums, and radio airplay.   It seems we must do what we can, when we can, but that doesn't mean the music has to stop.  We must adapt.  

On Easter Sunday, I found myself really itching to pick and sing with my brother and bandmates during an extended period of distancing and following public health guidelines.  Being socially responsible left me alone with the vices of my recording studio.  The ability to do some multitrack recording seemed to save the day for me.  I decided to sit down and record a gospel standard that has been a favorite of mine for a decade or more.  I had a lot of fun playing a few instruments and singing it quartet-style.  

I first got familiar with this song when a family friend asked me to sing this one at his father's memorial service.  I really connected with the nautical themes and oceanic imagery, combined with the non-dogmatic longing for spiritual guidance.  It's a simple message of hope, asking for help, to light the way and calm the path that lies ahead. ~Aaron